About Us

We're a full service agency that does things differently

We are CWG

We founded our agency on doing things differently. After years of working in the advertising & marketing industry for Fortune level companies we realized one universal truth in advertising - it’s tough for the small guy to get a fair shake - and we aimed to change that. Our philosophy is simple… do what’s right by our customer. We don’t simply take the easy route. We don’t charge outrageous retainers or require long term contracts. We stand by our body of work, and figure if you’re happy and your customers are happy, that equates to job security for us. Doing the right thing might be a different concept, but it’s one we think you deserve.

Our Mission

We create ideas that connect brands to their audience, and help organizations grow and succeed.

Our Core Values

  • Hard Work

    Ever feel like the amount of attention your agency gives you directly correlates to the amount of money you spend? We don't do business like that. CWG values all of our clients and we're ready to roll up our sleeves and put in the work to make your campaign a success regardless of size.

  • Client First

    We don't believe in pushing our clients down channels that aren't right for them just so we can flex our creative muscles or win industry awards. At CWG we approach every campaign with the end in mind - what are your goals, and how do we get your there. The only opinion that matters is our clients.

  • Collaborate

    No one knows your business better than you. That's why we believe in fostering a creative environment where our clients are encouraged to bring their ideas to the table. At CWG you can be involved as much (or as little) as you want in the campaign process. When we all bring our expertise to the table, great things happen.

  • A Little Magic

    Bringing added value to the campaign not only makes us look good, but it helps take your business a step further. We believe in going the extra mile and adding a little bit of magic to every campaign.

Executive Team


Founder & CEO An MBA with an extensive background in digital advertising and marketing, Erica has played a key role in the development and growth of several brands. Her work in the non-profit industry has received national attention and altered regulation at the congressional level, and inspired industry wide sweeping changes. As a peer reviewed and published author, Erica has consulted with several organizations on the interaction between healthy workplace environments and organizational success. Erica founded CWG in 2009 with the goal of helping grow small and medium businesses throughout the United States.


Founder & Creative Director With more than a decade in the marketing and advertising field, Jayson has held roles with several prominent brands throughout his career. Jayson's passion for visual communication has led him to become one of the leading experts on branding and corporate design. Jayson founded CWG in 2009 to help small organizations leverage new mediums to compete and grow their business.