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Podcasting is not just about hitting ‘record’ and uploading audio to the internet. It’s an art form that requires strategic planning, professional production, and targeted marketing to truly stand out.

We offer a full spectrum of podcast management and marketing services designed to take your podcast from concept to leading chart positions. We’ll grow your audience, build your authority, and turn your podcast into a fully integrated piece of your marketing mix.

Why do it yourself, when you can amplify your podcast experience with expert help from CWG!

The Other Guys

You get what you get...
  • Onboarding forms or short onboarding call
  • Limited editing: no midroll, no sponsors, no "do-overs"
  • 1 or 2 short audio snippits for promotion
  • Publish when they're done editing and ready, no schedule
  • Provide generic, boring promotional posts for you to post yourself


Ready to be a podcast pro?
  • Extensive onboarding and strategy sessions designed to understand your vision and your audience.
  • Complete setup of your podcast channels and hosting
  • Pre-production, post-production and editing to make your episode the best on the block
  • Branding, branding, branding... from experts at building brands for over a decade
  • Audio clips, video clips, and social media posts to build interest and promote your podcast
  • Analytics, reporting, & expert guidance to get you to your goals
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Here's what you can expect...

Concept and Strategy Development

We begin by crafting a unique concept for your podcast, aligning with your brand’s voice and goals. Our team collaborates with you to develop a strategic roadmap, ensuring your podcast not only reaches but resonates with your target audience, establishing a loyal listener base.

Professional Production and Editing

Quality is key in podcasting. Our production team leverages state-of-the-art equipment and software to create your podcast. From recording to editing, sound design to mixing, we handle every aspect of production, ensuring your podcast sounds professional and engaging.

Marketing and Distribution

Getting your podcast heard by the right people is crucial. Our marketing specialists employ proven strategies to maximize your podcast’s reach. This includes optimization for podcast platforms, social media promotion, and network distribution to ensure your podcast is accessible on all major platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.

Monetization and Growth

Our services extend beyond launch. We explore monetization opportunities and implement growth strategies to increase your podcast’s profitability and audience. Whether through sponsorships, advertising, or merchandise, we aim to turn your podcast into a thriving business.

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