We understand the unique marketing challenges facing Wyoming businesses.


Tired of big city agencies that simply don't understand the Wyoming business landscape? We are CWG, a full service advertising, marketing, and web design agency headquartered in Wyoming that specializes in bringing you big results. We live in Wyoming, work in Wyoming, and know what it takes to succeed in Wyoming.


We are storytellers. We focus on creating powerful connections between brands and their followers through targeted, persuasive design and copy.


We like, stream, tweet and share. We engage your audience and build organic brand loyalty across a variety of social media platforms and targeted campaigns.


We started as a digital agency and we stay true to our roots. From targeted ad campaigns to websites and more, we know how to help your brand own the digital space.


Messaging, medium, and frequency are our three pillars of advertising. We know where & when to connect with your audience to give your brand the biggest return on investment.


Wyoming may be the land of wide open spaces, but there is nothing sparse about the Wyoming small business sector. Small and medium businesses account for more than 98% of the Wyoming economy. CWG was founded on the principle of helping SMBs not only overcome the unique obstacles we face, but to grow and thrive. Our marketing strategies are specific to the needs of SMBs and designed to help you find your niche and not just compete, but dominate, against bigger competition. Whether you're a start up or a seasoned business, we can help you find and retain customers and grow your business.

At CWG, we understand the unique needs and challenges of local Wyoming businesses. Simply put, we connect brands and their customers.  We focus on four major areas of your marketing including creative, social, digital, and advertising. We can help you design your website, attract visitors, and increase your ROI online. We’ll take your message to the streets through clever and compelling advertisements and marketing campaigns. We’ve helped hundreds of brands do everything from finding their voice to finding their audience, optimizing their digital marketing performance, and engaging their customers through social media. Whether you’re a start up organization looking for a jumping off point, or a mature brand looking to improve your bottom line, CWG has you covered. We're passionate about helping our community, and we want to help create a bright future for Wyoming businesses, and the Wyoming economy.

Let's Work Together

We're passionate about crafting engaging brand experiences that grow businesses. If you are too, call or send us an email to get started.

Our Capabilities


Your brand has a unique story, and understanding how to create a brand experience that engages and interacts with your audience is what we're all about.

Creative Design

Creative isn't just about making something look pretty. It's about understanding the fundamentals of visual interaction, and how to guide a viewers experience. We design with style and purpose.


We can code and we create amazing websites that attract new customers and increase your brand's presence online. From simple websites to custom user portals and dashboards, if you can dream it, we can build it.


Social media is about building relationships. We craft content designed to engage your target audience where they spend time and build an organic loyal brand following online.


Driving traffic to your website should be at the top of your marketing goals. But more than just traffic, you want traffic that converts. We excel at planning, launching and optimizing digital advertising across multiple channels to grow your brand.

Event Marketing

Event marketing is one of the best ways to leverage your marketing, sales, and PR efforts to attract customers and build brand awareness. We've successful conceptualized, marketed, and managed events ranging from sporting events and fundraisers to trade shows to award ceremonies and galas.

Marketing Strategy

If you don't know where you're going, how do you get there? With decades of experience growing businesses, we understand what works and what doesn't. In short, we help small and emerging brands create marketing plans and bring products and strategies to market.

Reputation Management

People are talking about your brand, but what are they saying? Today's consumers have more power than ever. We help companies listen to what their customers are saying and bring value to the conversation. 


Whether you are looking to rebrand and take a fresh product to market, or need a second opinion on your quarterly marketing plan, our experts can help you analyze, revise, and revamp your campaigns for maximum effectiveness.